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Home>Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Personal information and privacy protection

Processing entity

User data is collected by MOVITEX SAS,

a shareholding company with a capital of 41.172.646 euros, having its headquarters at 5, rue des Précurseurs, 59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq FRANCE – RCS Lille Métropole 756 200 150

President and CEO:  Jean-Joël HUBER

Information collection and processing

The information collected from you is used to process orders, deliver products and services, process payments, and communicate with you regarding your orders, products, services, and promotional offers providing you have given your prior consent while creating your customer account. We also use this information for statistical studies in order to improve our stores and offer those products which are most relevant to you.

During your visits to our website, we may ask you information in the form of surveys and forms, particularly when creating your online customer account.

Requested information tagged with an asterisk (*) is required.   This information is necessary for your orders to be processed. In the event it is not provided, DAXON will be unable to provide you with those services.  

Other information allows us to get to know you better, and is therefore optional.   You are free to decline to provide that information if you wish.
In order to facilitate your purchases, we use a cookie to keep a record of the items in your shopping cart.  If your account is active, we record and save your cart so that you can complete your purchase at a later time.  We may send you electronic communications to inform you of the status of your cart.

While navigating our site, information related to your navigation may be saved using "cookie" files which are saved onto your computer.  Once you have signed in, we may link your navigation data with your personal information in order to be able to offer you personalised special offers that relate to your areas of interest. At any time, you may request to no longer receive special offers that are tailored to you using your navigation data, by contacting us by post at Movitex SAS - DAXON - Site Internet 5, rue des Précurseurs - BP 90293 59665 VILLENEUVE D'ASCQ CEDEX, FRANCE

DAXON (MOVITEX) sends you special offers by email, SMS and phone, if you've agreed to receive such offers, and by post, unless you specified otherwise when submitting your user information. You may, at any time and at no cost to you, opt out of any marketing communications from DAXON (MOVITEX) by clicking on the "unsubscribe" link included in each email, signing into your account on our website ("My Account" page), by sending us an email from the "Contact Us" page on the daxon.com website, or by sending a letter via post to Movitex SAS - DAXON - Site Internet 5, rue des Précurseurs - BP 90293 59665 VILLENEUVE D'ASCQ CEDEX, FRANCE

Data recipients

Personal information collected is sent to DAXON (MOVITEX S.A.S.), which is responsible for its processing.

Information concerning you may be communicated to commercial partners of DAXON (MOVITEX) who may also send you promotional offers by post or by email, providing you have explicitly accepted this option.

The information collected may also be sent to third parties under contract with DAXON (MOVITEX) to perform subcontracted tasks necessary for managing your account, orders, and/or payments.

For the purposes of subcontracting a portion of the data processing, your personal data may be transferred to a call centre in Tunisia or Morocco which provides user support by phone.  This service provider is contractually obligated to satisfactorily guarantee the security, confidentiality and the protection of your privacy and basic rights.
For purposes of quality control and training our customer service representatives, some user support calls may be recorded.

Your right to access, modify, or delete

At any time, you may access and modify your personal information under "My Account", and manage your newsletter subscription settings under "Personal Information".

In accordance with the Information Technology, Files and Freedom Law of 06/01/1978, you have the right to access, edit, or delete data about you, and to refuse that they be processed.  To exercise this right, please send a written request by post to Movitex SAS - DAXON - Site Internet 5, rue des Précurseurs - BP 90293 59665 VILLENEUVE D'ASCQ CEDEX, FRANCE, with your name, address, email address, and your customer account number if possible in order to expedite the handling of your request.

You can block cookies from being saved onto your computer by changing your browser's settings under "Tools", "Options".

We may use your browser navigation data provided by cookies managed by one of our partners.  The data used is strictly anonymous and used for statistical purposes only.  This data makes it possible for you to see personalised banners on the site.

If you no longer wish to see this type of personalised banners, and/or would like more information about this process, please visit the following site: http://www.criteo.com/fr/juridique/charte-de-la-vie-privee-services-criteo


This "COOKIES" section contains further information regarding the origin and use of the browser navigation information that is processed as you visit our website, and your rights.

As you navigate this website, information related to your navigation may be recorded in small files, called "cookies", which are saved to your computing device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.). 

These cookies are created by our website in order to facilitate your navigation on our site.  They may also be saved by partners in order to personalise the ad offers which you receive outside the Daxon.com website.

Cookies may also be included in our website's advertisement spaces.  These ad spaces display advertising content from advertisers on your computing device.

Only the entity which created the cookie is able to read or modify the information contained in that cookie.

If you share your computing device with other persons, we cannot guarantee that the services and advertisements provided on your device match your personal use of the device and not that of another user of the same device.

Different kinds of cookies:

1/ The cookies which we save to your device allow us to:

  • Generate visit related statistics (number of visits, pages viewed, shopping carts abandoned, etc.) used to monitor and improve the quality of our services.
  • Adapt the visual presentation of our site to your device's display preferences.
  • Save information you submit to web forms, manage and secure access to restricted or personal pages such as your account page, and manage your shopping cart.
  • Provide you with content, including advertisements, that relate to your areas of interest, and personalise the promotional offers which we send you.

2/ Third-party cookies

When accessing the site Daxon.com, one or several cookies from our partner companies (third party cookies) may be saved to your computing device through the pages of our website or by means of content displayed in our ad spaces.

The distribution and use of cookies by third parties are subject to the privacy policies of those same third parties.  We have no access to nor control over third party cookies.  Nevertheless, we take care to ensure that partner companies processing information collected on the daxon.com website do so exclusively for the needs of DAXON (MOVITEX) and in accordance with the Information Technology, Files and Freedom Law of 06/01/1978

You may prevent your computer from accepting third party cookies by configuring your browser accordingly.

3/ Cookies placed on our website

These cookies are placed by service providers contracted by us to promote our business and our promotional offers.  Their purpose is to

  • identify the products which are viewed and/or purchased on our website in order to customise the promotional offers which are sent to you outside of the daxon.com website
  • send you DAXON special offers by email, providing you authorised this while signing up with those providers 

4/ Cookies contained in advertising content

Advertising content (graphics, animations, videos, etc.) displayed in our ad spaces may contain cookies distributed by third parties. The purpose of these is to calculate statistics on the displayed ads (number of displays, ads displayed, number of users who clicked on each ad, etc.) 

Your choices regarding cookies

You have several options at your disposal for managing cookies.  Any changes you make to your settings may impact your browsing experience as well as access to certain services which require the use of cookies.

You can express and modify your wishes regarding cookies at any time, by the means described below.

Choices offered by your browser

You may configure your browser to either automatically allow cookies to be saved onto your computing device, or, conversely, to block cookies altogether or per sender.  You may also configure your browser to prompt you each time a cookie is about to be saved onto your computer, allowing you to accept or reject the cookie.

Please be informed that if your browser is configured to block all cookies, you will not be able to make purchases or use certain essential features of our website, such as placing items in your cart, or receive personalised recommendations.  You may configure your browser to the setting that works best for you.

The configuration process for each browser is different.  You will find this process described in the help section of your browser, with information on how to change your cookie settings as desired.

Your choices expressed online via inter-company platforms

You may visit the website Youronlinechoices, published by digital advertising companies belonging to the European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France.

This pan-European platform is shared by hundreds of online advertising businesses, and provides you with a centralised interface whereby you can block or accept cookies in order to tailor the advertisements you receive to your browsing preferences.


Please note that this procedure will not prevent ads from being displayed on the websites which you visit.  It will only block the technologies which allow those ads to be customised to your personal interests.

Flash© cookies by Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player is a computer application which enables quick and easy development of dynamic content using the Flash language.  Flash (and other similar applications) saves the settings, preferences and the use of the content displayed, using a technology similar to cookies.  However, Adobe Flash Player™ manages this information and your choices through a separate interface than the one provided by your browser.

Providing your device is able to display content developed with the Flash language, you may access your Flash cookie management tool directly from the Adobe website:  http://www.adobe.com/fr/. (Cookies Tab)

Social networks

Our site uses computer applications originating from third parties which allow users to share content from our site with others or to share their opinion with others about content on our site.  Specifically, this is the case with "Share" and "Like" buttons from social networks such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.

When a user visits a page on a website that contains one of these buttons, the user's browser will connect to the social network's servers.

If the user is logged in to the social network while browsing another site, the aforementioned buttons allow the pages being visited to be linked to the user's account.

If the user interacts with plugins, for example, by clicking on a "Like" button, or by posting a comment, the related information will be sent to the social network and published to the user's account.

If a user does not wish for a social network to link the information collected through daxon.com to their user account, the user should sign out of the social network before visiting daxon.com.

We recommend reading the privacy policies of the various social networks in order to know and understand the end uses, particularly in terms of advertising, of the browsing information which may be collected using said plug-in buttons.